Welcome and thank you for visiting the Vancouver page.

One of the benefits members from Vancouver receive is electronic copies of the MALink – a newsletter written by and for Members across Canada. Here is a note from one of our Vancouver members after receiving her latest issue of the MALink:

Thank you for sharing this newsletter with me. I always find it very interesting and insightful, and being a part of the organization makes me feel like I am part of something. I have been an administrator for about 20 years now (wow) and I have lots of stories and experiences to share.

Tara Stephens
Vancouver, BC

A note from a new member moving to Vancouver from UK, who was visiting her new home prior to moving:

Just wanted to say thank you for the shout out to the Vancouver group. I met up with the lovely Daniela for a coffee and chat. She gave me some great advice about where to look and what to look for when looking for jobs. I wanted also to say how pleased I am that I joined this association, it has given me great confidence than when I finally get a job here I have a support network to bounce things off. Also I have been using Resume Target to help update my current resume and so far they have been brilliant.


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